Broken House

Drip! Drip!
Pipes are leaking
Two pipes

Long beep
Computer breaks down

Loud screeching
Washing machine is
Breaking down soon

Little crack
A wall gets
A slight crack

No coolness
Refrigerator’s main motor
Is not functional

Sharp sound
Pillars are hollow
Nothing inside

Lightning strike
Loud thud
Antenna breaks and
Fell on the rooftop.

Loud thud
The ceiling falls
Even stones

Hollow door
Nest of cockroaches

Rushing sound
Sewage pipe breaks
Sea in room.

Inspiration On: Thursday, 6 September 2012 at 1:30am
Inspiration Ends At: 6:45pm

As I reminisced my observation upon the broken house during my stay in my uncle’s house, the other inspirations were birthed in the process. The inspiration began with the dripping sound from the pipes in my bathroom.

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