Toddler’s Visual Interest

Moving objects
Objects in different shapes
Interesting shapes
Interesting storyline
Visually captivating
Visually stunning

To still toddler.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 2 September 2012 at 10:28pm
Inspiration Ends On: Friday, 7 September 2012 at 9pm

Surprisingly, the animation “The Iron Giant” by Brad Bird captivated my 26 months toddler who took it from my computer table, requested to watch it, and finished the whole animation. It is an unbelievable sight and experience for me as a mother who accompanied him. He is someone who can not sit still for too long and will tend to shriek desperately when in front of television with my family members. Then jumps down onto the floor and moves around. So the above inspiration started with “Visually captivating, visually stunning.”

2 thoughts on “Toddler’s Visual Interest

    • Racheal, thank you for the compliment and thank you for giving your comment. I also did not anticipate this until time has passed.

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