It is fun and interesting to read about the works of 55-word Flash Fiction Gallery – Coffee Cup compiled by Eric Alagan and some written by himself. Besides that, I also feel so excited for Eric to publish the first of my participation in his 55-word Flash Fiction Gallery – Coffee Cup. Hope you all enjoy and follow him for his interesting writings and schedules. 🙂

Written Words Never Die

The Prompt Image was a Coffee Cup.

Okay, there might have been tea, cocoa or even whisky 😀 in it, but you get the picture (pun intended).

I received no less than ten (10) contributions! Everyone, spot on 55 words!

Not in any discernible order. Please take a tour and enjoy.

Here we come across an intriguing offering by Ariel blogging as THOUGHT BUBBLE

Ariel_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Next up, as many of us know, they are intent on taking over the world. Fortunately, Blackrose blogging as BLACKROSE has found a cure.

Blackrose_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Our lovely Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld said it all and I did not see her lips move 🙂

Jane Stansfeld_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

I posted this from a bygone era as a response to a comment from Saymber:

EA_Low Noon_55W_3_in_1_FF Gallery

Jasey who does not blog (hint!) mixed the “corporeal” with the “ethereal” 🙂

Jasey_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

My buddy Jane Thorne blogging as JANE THORNE, recently moved into her new place. Looks like she is settling in quite well.

Jane Thorne_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Madhu blogging…

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4 thoughts on “

  1. This is so sweet of you Yoshiko.

    You humble me with your love and support.

    I found your contribution unique as you took the reader down and down with you to the end, in such an earthy fashion. It was beautiful and unpretentious.

    Peace and blessings,

    • Eric,
      You also humble me with your love and support also in reading my poetry, starting poetry.
      Thank you for your compliment also and to accept my participation.
      May God’s peace and blessings be upon you,

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