Air Pollution on Bed

Rolling to the left
Butt facing me
A long fart
Its stench
Ticks my nostril
Its stench is like
The smell of poo
Air pollution!

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 from 2:33am to 2:38am

My husband was sleeping besides me while I read a book. The fart sound shocked me. Then it was followed by the stench smell hurt my nostril. Oh, my misery to have insomnia.

11 thoughts on “Air Pollution on Bed

  1. This is funny and gross – though we sometimes can’t control it when asleep. If awake, it is only polite to go into the bathroom to relief ourselves.

    For such accidents, a small bottle of ointment by the bedside is useful – to rub on one’s nose. LOL!

  2. I nominated you for another Very Inspiring Blogger Award, you have received it before, I see! Anyway, hope you will check out my post and remind yourself of the rules, etc. Congratulations and good job!

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