Darkness looms in the room
Chilling silence fills my body
Eeriness clouds my mind
Hallucination engulfs me

A scary small iris of an eyeball
Staring at me
With blue veins at the eyeball
Staring at me
Between the doors
Fear envelops me

Thump! Thump!
My heartbeat races
Whole body paralyzes
Thump! Thump!
Shouting to my Lord for help

Inspiration On: Friday, 28 June 2013 from 12:35am to 12:45am

Inspired from this Eerie photo as a creative writing challenge. I would like to invite you for a creative writing challenge based on the title ‘Eerie’. Will you please join this?

Creative Writing Challenge Invitation
1. Title your poetry with the title ‘Eerie’
2. Any type of poetry is welcomed
3. Please link back to this URL

Thank you for taking part in this challenge.

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