Tears of Hurt

Tears of grief
Tears of hating conflict
Tears of dislike to hurt
The need to confront
Someone who brags
Someone who lies
A jealous filled person
Driven by green eyes heart
My heart hurts for her
Before speaking to her
But without confront her lies
The more she stirs and messes my house

O Lord, You have heard
Heard her lies
You have heard my confidant’s advice
O Lord, You have heard Sennacherib’s blasphemies
You have delivered King Hezekiah from Sennacherib
Please, O Lord, deliver me from this braggart
Please, O Lord, guide my speech
Please, O Lord, rescue me from this mental anguish
Please, rescue me
Save me from this dilemma
Please tell me what I should do, O Lord
Her words are killing everyone
Her words are destroying everyone
I don’t want her to destroy my family

O Lord, I beseech Your guidance
For I trust in Your deliverance

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 at 4:15am to 4:44am

My friend called and shared to me and asked me to write for her and ask what she should do. Though I was speechless, I put myself in her shoes, birth me this poetry. I feel speechless. This is her story, “The song ‘I Surrender’ by Celine Dion spoke to my heart and my tears of grief overflows to my Lord seeking His deliverance. Though I dislike the liar’s speeches and actions, the desire not to hurt her was laid bare to my Lord. My confidant suggested to me that it was time to confront the guest before the situation got out of hand. Those who disapprove her lies are my neighbour, helper and even a weekday beverage deliverer. But I still believe in God’s wisdom and Hand of guidance. My mind and heart is confused in what I should do.” What should she do? Your feedback is most appreciated.” This reminded me of 2 Kings 18:12-37 where King Hezekiah cried to the Lord of host.

17 thoughts on “Tears of Hurt

    • My friend is the one. This poetry is dedicated to my friend who seeks advise how to solve this problem. Thanks for your concern. This will comfort her.

  1. Sorry that I cannot help much since I am still a little confused with the situation that your friend is facing. 😦

    Perhaps, before asking yourself what ‘should’ you do, you can try to see what you ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do in order to help her.

    Take care and hope everything will be well.

    Cheers! 😀

  2. I believe she should talk to those in her family who trust her, not everyone is a fool to not know that the other person is jealous and is destructive in nature. So if she builds a band of family member to support her they may stop the erosion

    my heart goes out for her! hope she wins the war!

  3. The way I see things, your friend needs to go into serious continuous prayers. This can go even for a month or more without ceasing about this issue. If it is possible she can take a prayer retreat and focus on praying for this. If there is a spiritual adviser who can accompany her the better. Prayerful focus on it will enable her to look at all the sides including her own errors and responsibilities. She should not look at the blame coming only from others. Sometimes we become too blind to our own faults and only see those of others. This way we block our minds to any ideas that can solve our problem. Blame game also comes in. We blame the other person and hate to be blamed. It is important that she watches out for these traps.

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