Deep inside the core of
Our inner beings
Longing for 
Eternal love and full acceptance
In who we are

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 at 6pm

Many times, feelings are repressed in order not to hurt those whom we love. Living under others expectations are excruciatingly painful. Almost lost myself for caring too much. It is due to lack of boundary. They have overstepped my boundaries. Upon realizing this, I feel tired of not being heard. When I want to work on my ideas, they want me to find a full time job. When I want to find full time job and to postpone my marriage, they wants me to get married first. Ten months later, my son came into this world. My husband wants me not to work for three months. Three months into years. All I do I receiving project work. Neglecting my muse and ideas. Thereby, I am helpless and lack of income to provide for my parents. Feeling lost. Thank you for listening to me.

13 thoughts on “Core

  1. Very nicely expressed, I can relate to it…a lot, feeling lost and not being accepted. You can talk to me if you want, I’ll listen to you. Just know that there are many who want to listen to you and get to know you better. Lots of love. 🙂

  2. you can hire a help to work at home if your projects pay you decently. as for muse, well you can use pen and diary for the minutes you spend working on projects in place of trying to post them you can just stock them up for later use 🙂

      • yeah – I agree that it is a mixed blessing to work from home – with the disturbances and all that – but keep in mind that God’s grace is there and he will never give us more than we can handle – and so I pray that you will have his strength – and that tweaks can be made that will make things more manageable and bearable – and also that you will be able to be heard while having the healthy boundaries in place.

        and not sure of the details – but I also know from experience that the early years of child raising are just tiresome – exhausting actually – and so sometimes it is a matter of being still and making it through each day – each hour – as God gives us the grace and comfort. and he will – so don’t forget that – “He who called you is faithful – who also will do it”

  3. Dear Yoshiko, namaskaarams ( my saluations )

    A nice, meaningful and heartfelt poetry indeed. From the feelings you have expressed in few sentences, please permit me to say, that I feel YOU ARE LACKING WORSHIP FOR YOURSELF IN YOUR INNER CORE OF THE HEART. I give an example based on the Hindu (INDIAN) Scriptures: `The Worship begins where and when you have BELIEF; When you have Belief, you will have LOVE’. What I mean to say is, that when you love yourself, you develop Belief in yourself; when you have belief in yourself, you start worshiping yourself at the core of your SELF; when you worship your SELF, it is nothing but worshiping JESUS THE GOD. Then everything will be crystal clear and you know what to do; how to do; and when to do in your own style merrily !!!
    If I am wrong, please excuse me.

    yours friendly,
    Madhava Rao.

    • Dear Madhava Rao,

      Thank you for sharing your Hindu Scriptures and attempt to comfort me.

      It’s not about being lacking worship in my heart. In my heart, I know my own weaknesses and brokenness and I need The Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. That is why The Lord Jesus knows and saves me. Deep down, I feel unworthy of His love. Through His love, I feel accepted and acknowledged. According to the Bible in the book of Romans chapter 5 to 6, it stated humanity’s frailty towards sins. When Jesus enters my life, I feel the joy of His bountiful love and that is where my worship begins.

      I realize throughout my experiences to meet those who love themselves, look down on others and bully begins. It is their beliefs towards themselves.

      When I receive Christ, I realize His love and gentleness. His love for me is to strengthen me in my weaknesses so that I can strengthen the weak and feeble. In Phillipians chapter 2 state Jesus’ humbleness when He came into the world and as human.

      The book of Phillipians 2:6-12 states
      “Who , being in the form of God , thought it not robbery to be equal with God : but made himself of no reputation , and took upon him the form of a servant , and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man , he humbled himself , and became obedient unto death , even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him , and given him a name which is above every name : That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow , of things in heaven , and things in earth , and things under the earth ;
      And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord , to the glory of God the Father. Wherefore , my beloved , as ye have always obeyed , not as in my presence only , but now much more in my absence , work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

      Therefore, deep down I am filled with gratitude.

      Yours Sincerely,
      Tojiru Yoshiko

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