Searching For Self

“How do you do more to be you” is the most touching words.


There is something about the spoken poem that takes the words off the page and sends them into the universe.  They become, like the old favorites, where we may not remember the words, but the melody lingers on. This is my second poem for adding voice.

we all want to believe

that what we do makes a difference.

wanting the work of the hands

to be guided by the mind

and nourished by the soul

wanting what we do to be who we are

there’s always a hitch or two.

one has “to know who they are” legitimately,

yet “who do I want to be” always gets in the way

I was told I had to be, I couldn’t be

words as far away from the truth as yesterday’s news.

Try this, spend a day being you

not who you ought and want and need…

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13 thoughts on “Searching For Self

  1. “How do you do more to be you” is the most touching words.” I fully agree with you Yoshiko. These are also very thought provoking and touching lines of the poem. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care. 😊

  2. very very cool – and love the audio version – such treat to “listen” and read… 🙂 ❤

    oh, and I agree with how powerful this is:
    "How do you do more to be you”
    so spend the day being me – and spend a life not apologizing for weaknesses but celebrating uniqueness and learning to appreciate more strengths, ya know?

    peace to you this day 🙂

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