Christmas Present: “Soul Glow”

This is my guest blog at Don Charisma’a blog. Enjoy 😉

Don Charisma

Some things I understand internally, intuitively. Poetry – I can read a beautiful poem, and will just say “I like it” because I do. I can read it like a musician who plays be ear reads read music, with his heart, I get it on the inside – but he couldn’t write down the notes that explain it 😀

Same for me with my writing – I’m a “play it by ear” writer (and reader).

This is the third in my “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger series. Yoshiko’s collaboratively converted my ideas into a lovely poem. She’s has an Asian simple elegance that the Japanese (and Chinese) are renowned for.

“I LIKE IT” … So because of MY understanding by ear, by heart, well, long story short I’ve asked Belinda to give a poet’s perspective :

Yoshiko has captured for us the essence of taking moments – real or…

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