My wish for you


A great secret of success

My wish for you, my friend;
Is such a powerful wish;
That the best may come your way:
That the best of health;
The best of life;
The best of everything;                                                                             May come to May come to you,
That you may enjoy!
From the first day of the year;
To the last day of the year;                                                                       The best may come to you;

My wish for you my friend,
Is smiles, smiles, smiles.Positive-minded
That you may smile and smile;
More than ever before;
That you may ever smile;
And smile from jaw to jaw;
My wish for you, my friend,                          If you want to experience the joy of                                               Is happiness and love;
That you may find love,
In your family;
In your workplace;
In your community;
And everywhere you go;
That you may be happy
All the days of your life;
My wish for you my friend,
Is long life;
Long life and prosperity;
Also that you may…

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