Conflict: A New Perspective

Amazing discovery about marriage.

mother of nine9

download (16)Marriage is the perfect set-up for conflict. Put two flawed people together from opposite traditions, backgrounds and expectations who love each other and watch them” let their hair down”. Both feel secure. They trust the other and so they relax their polite facades. Soon their wounds begin to surface. Usually, they only react and blow up with each other. They push each other’s buttons. Then the natural thought is,

“I’ve made a terrible mistake. I need a divorce.”

Wrong, in most cases.

Conflict is the sign that you have made the perfect choice because people only show their dark side to the one whom they love and who loves them. Crazy? Nope, not when you understand the process. What nobody tells us when we get married is that we draw out the negative from our partner. Marriage is a threshing floor, wine-press and meat grinder all rolled up into one.


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