Door Mat?

What am I?
Am I a door mat?
Only to be trampled on?

What am I?
Am I a door mat?
Easily to be taken advantage of?

What am I?
Am I a foolish person?
Awaiting to be bullied?

What am I?
Am I a comical person?
Awaiting to be laughed at?

I am also HUMAN
With different values!
With different perspectives!

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 04 February 2015 at 9am

This is a painful realization to me for being myself. Bullied at school. Care not to hurt others’ feelings, those wolves prey on my kindness. Cheating my hard-earned money! Backstab me behind my back when I care for them.

31 thoughts on “Door Mat?

  1. “Tend your sick ones, O Lord Jesus Christ; rest your weary ones; bless your dying ones; soothe your suffering ones; pity your afflicted ones; shield your joyous ones. And all for your love’s sake” (Augustine of Hippo).

    Too often, we consider the sick, weary, dying, and suffering, but we forget to shield the joyous ones. To keep encouraging those of us with contented hearts and giving natures. To let “them” know they don’t have to harden themselves or be alone.

    Thanks for sharing. It shows courage and real vulnerability

    • Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and your kindness. I need prayers. And I am trying to accept the reality of my autism that I didn’t know before. May The Lord blesses you richly.

  2. I enjoyed the poem Yoshiko. You express a deep worry in beautiful poetry. I see you are deeply distressed. Don’t forget God is REAL and stands by those who put their trust in him. Be strong no matter what happens. God loves those who are strong in difficulties; in distress, in sorrow. This is a good sign of faith; and when there is faith all doors open even those that seem impossible to open.You will be surprised if you look into the lives of people to see how many sorrows are buried there but their faith keeps them going. May God continue to give you strength, courage and faith.

  3. I hate bullies too and I have met many. Once upon a time a nasty lady tried to embarrass me saying something about me being deaf and blind because I couldnt read her tiny writing while searching a long list of names for a name, so I said well arent you are lovely person saying that, at least I can get glasses or a hearing aid when I actually do go blind and deaf but you will always be a nasty ugly hearted person. She shut up after that!

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