Teens love to shovel manure!!!

Kenneth has explained about the enjoyment of doing manual work compared to digital work.

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ I was talking to two young adults at coffee the other day; both are still in high school and we were discussing our observation that some young adults end up getting into trouble (alcoholism, drugs, mischief) and others do not.

I suggested that one of the keys in raising children is helping your children learn a skill. Whether it is playing an instrument, wood-working, art, writing, etc; having a skill gives you something to do and helps you from getting bored.

Idle hands are the devils workshop

This isn’t to say that musicians and artists don’t get addicted to alcoholism and drugs. Obviously, one merely needs to check out a book from the celebrity section and you’ll be sure to find the raucous lifestyle that so many professional musicians live.

My point has more to do with boredom; too many young adults (and adults) are simply…

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