Dumb Word Upsets

Call other dumb upsets me

And pisses me off!

It is not the way to do so!

Who are we to say so?

Different people have different level of understanding

People are created by God in His image.

Who are we to call others dumb?

Everyone has their own




Inspiration On: Friday, 27 February 2015 at 2:27pm

While I was resting, the one who employs me in an adhoc basis text message me. He called someone dumb for not understanding his issues. Hence, the above poetry is birthed out and written down. Why do I say so? Because I am the only one being considered slow amongst my siblings. Of course, I always feel stupid for being weaker in my slow response towards others. That is before I know The Lord Jesus. Yet He reaches out to me and saves me from my wrong perspectives of myself. I know what I want in life is to be an author. My parents dissuades me from doing so. The most foolish things I have ever done was to listen to their decisions upon my life – study in the industry I do not want to study. In order not to waste their money, I force myself to complete the studies to bachelor. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

24 thoughts on “Dumb Word Upsets

  1. People Judge you anyway. so do not give importance to that. surround yourself with great people.
    b) i feel bad when parents do not support their child’s dream. but im sure you will become someone which you desire to
    good luck

  2. I am really impressed by your poetic acumen on day to day experiences. My opine those who put others in poor light are the people to whom others must have put in the same bad light. And they want to give others in the same manner as they receive from others. This in fact is their negative trait. There are so many people around us who will resort to this low sort of attitude and we’ve to live with these people.

    And a writeup in the form of a poem is the best expression of the feeling.


  3. I don’t think anyone should call someone else dumb. I believe if you compliment someone and tell them that they are smart, creative and clever, they will be, and NEVER think you are dumb. I tell myself how wonderful, gifted and special I am, and guess what? I am!

  4. Great poem. Great thoughts. People with great minds lift up others. People with small minds put down others. If someone tries to put you down consider the person to be of a small mind and pray for them. Everyone is greater than the other person in at least one thing; and we can learn from every other person.

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