Reflections on Homelessness

Social Health


In my previous post, I conducted a survey inquiring into which social issues people are most passionate about. The result so far is that homeless is a major concern. Here I want to reflect on the complex reality of homelessness as it relates to social health. Since my own research does not look at homelessness in the conventional sense – as dwelling on the street – I will expand the concept by demonstrating how psychological homelessness is a major problem.

Beyond a physical space, “home is where the heart is,” as the idiom goes. Home is where one is surrounded by loved ones, a place of mutual care, and  a private refuge amidst a chaotic public world. Traditionally, home is a place where families gather to eat, where celebrations are held, and where children are nurtured.

Now, homes and families come in a multitude of forms. One may…

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