Mothers Hands

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
February 18, 1999

A few years ago, when my mother was visiting, she asked me to go shopping with her because she needed a new dress. I don’t normally like to go shopping with other people, and I’m not a patient person, but we set off for the mall together nonetheless.

We visited nearly every store that carried ladies’ dresses, and my mother tried on dress after dress, rejecting them all. As the day wore on, I grew weary and my mother grew frustrated.

Finally, at our last stop, my mother tried on a lovely blue three-piece dress. The blouse had a bow at the neckline, and as I stood in the dressing room with her, I watched as she tried, with much difficulty, to tie the bow. Her hands were so badly crippled from arthritis that she couldn’t do it. Immediately, my impatience gave way to an…

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7 thoughts on “Mothers Hands

  1. I always love her cations and shares! 😀
    I thought I was following you! I think you may have dropped off my reader. WP has been doing this lately! I’m following you again! 😀

      • Wow it is so odd isn’t it? I asked WP about it and they never got back to me. I’m happy to find you again! I see you on Laurie’s blog a lot and was a following you then so I’m not sure how it happened but welcome back! 😀 Yay!

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