The Grizzly Bear

Ancient Skies

grizzly bear 1

The words Grizzly Bear can cause fear in most people. Grizzly Bears are dangerous, and seem more dangerous than even their cousins the Black Bear. If you search on line for them, most of the videos are about these bears hunting, or fighting with other animals such as wolves, and attacking humans.

The Grizzly Bear is in the family of North American brown bears. Their range today is western Canada and Alaska, down into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. At one time they roamed the Great Plains, the Southwest U.S. and into northern Mexico. The Californian bear mother and cubGrizzly is unfortunately now extinct.

The term grizzly should not be confused with “grisly” which means horrible, grotesque, gruesome. The word grizzly actually comes from the word “grizzled”, which means the tips of their hair are golden or grey. This gives them a very distinctive look.

These animals are very large, with females over 400…

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