Girl child

This is an amazing poetry about girls. I can understand the feeling of older generation prefer boys than girls.


I was searching my notes in my shelf and guess what – I found my long lost poem…I wrote it when I was in school…today when I saw it I was kind of happy…it reminded me of my school days and of my friend for whom I wrote it (for a competition) so I thought that I should share my smile and thought with you guys as well…I hope you will like it…

History proves the power of women,
Our culture approves the fierceness of women,
But when we hear, a “her” is born
We feel our expectations to be torn…

Many says girls are burden,
They only brings tons of trouble
But I wanna ask just one thing,
In which world are you living?

God gave “her” a big responsibility,
To fulfill the needs and every possibility,
“She” is the one who widens the world,
Is this the trouble…

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