What If?

Even I am looking for an answer.

New Beginnings

What if life is a game?

The only game we could play.

What if we simply get bored in other dimensions and chose not stay?

What if we come to planet earth to feel, think and love?

Just because it’s fun.

If we could disconnect from the person we’ve become.

Disconnect from the people and things that have hurt us.

Look at life in a different light; Almost child like.

With out so much grief and strife.

I wonder if then we could learn to enjoy life?

Or is not giving into our dramas and fears to much of a sacrifice?

-Erika Fuego

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2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Deep profound questions…and a fun angle of looking at them thrown in! Indeed we must clean the grim of much conditioning and collectiveness on the lenses of our eyes…then perhaps we will see clearly the beauty that has always surrounded us! Lovely words…

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