If You Stop and Smell the Roses You’ll Recharge Your Batteries ❀

Wendy L. Macdonald


 Stop and Smell the Roses

I long for thornless roses

with days of lingering peace

where trials are no longer present

for they have bid defeat


But if I stop and smell the roses

that bloom between the thorns

I find within these pauses

my strength’s fully restored


And in my arbor of roses

I’ve noticed a thing or two

 the roses without thorns

aren’t as sweet, aren’t as true.


Wendy ❀ 2015




The flower cluster pictured above

is from a rose I thought was wild.

Its thorny branches appeared within a perennial border

alongside my potting shed,

despite my efforts to remove it.




The same thing happened with the one in this picture.

This is a wild rose and not quite as fragrant as the other one.

My attempts to eradicate them failed.

And I’m glad.

If it wasn’t for my busyness…

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