The Cure For Fibromyalgia.


I see this statement all over the place. Book titles, websites, natural health sites, spiritual health sites, yoga programmes, meditation programmes – you name it, every single corner of the health market seems to have made this claim.

At the risk of raining on everyone’s parade, I’m writing this in the hopes that I can save advanced fibro sufferers the crushing disappointment that will inevitably follow if they choose to pursue whatever purported method of “curing” their illness is currently being touted.

Firstly, I need to make it clear that I am all for finding the way to recover from fibromyalgia. I would give almost anything to find the answer, to recover my own health, to give the answer to other sufferers too. I never stop looking, never stop researching, never stop experimenting with different possible treatments.

But I have also had more than my share of rising excitement at…

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