5 Things Girls with Autism Want You to Know

A good findings of myself because I can resonate with the hyper awareness and my slightest social missteps are repeated in my head on an endless loops.

Different is Beautiful

This guest post is by Amy Gravino, a consultant, college coach and disability advocate. Amy was a guest on the Different is Beautiful Show which you can watch below. Interested on being a guest on our show? Tell us about your story at DifferentIsBeautifulShow@gmail.com!

Being a girl on the autism spectrum is not easy. The things we think about and have to say are almost always minimized because we are female; compound that with the social challenges of an autism spectrum disorder, and you have a minority whose voices are constantly struggling to be heard. So here are some things that girls and women with autism really want you to know:

We Are Not Boys with Autism.

Girls on the autism spectrum are under-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed because so many people think that autism looks only one way: The way that it shows up in boys. But girls learn…

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