I have screwed the narcissists

I have been reading 10 things you can’t do with the narcissist by Lucky Otter many times. 👀

Because I have screwed the narcissists. 😖💦

After they screw me many times, I (HSP and autistic) burst out and I unexpectedly screwed them 100%. 😅

Now, I begin to understand myself better through interactions with people, connecting with the artists (wordpress), reading posts, and news. 

I can only thank God to hold me when I almost go crazy due to feeling miserable and confused. 

11 thoughts on “I have screwed the narcissists

  1. You’re not alone… WordPress save me too 🙂 almost went bat crazy or maybe did… Well at least I’m here and doing better 🙂

  2. HSP seems to be the narcissists favourites even though I quite clearly don’t show the least interest to be their friend. It’s irritating when they don’t back off.

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