This is a timely message for me. I hope this can help others who have the same problem to say no.

Monique Amado - Artist & Coach


I originally wanted to post a piece on this topic at the beginning of the year because I thought that after the holidays, the effects of not saying “no” might still be ringing in people’s heads. We’re now almost a quarter of the way through the year and I’ve had plenty of conversations with people who are wrestling with saying “no” and I realized again that it’s always a good time to talk about it. Too many people are exhausted, overwhelmed and burned out because of the fear of saying this little two-letter word. Or perhaps because of not knowing how to say it.

Fact is, the word “no” can often be a positive thing, yet we tend to think of it as a negative one. Consider some possible situations when “no” might be a great thing to hear:

“Do I have cancer?” No.

“Are you cheating on me?” No.

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10 thoughts on ““NO” IS NOT A FOUR-LETTER WORD

  1. It’s important to learn to say “no”. It is something that doesn’t come easily to me. I found it so difficult because I like to be kind. But I learned that you can be kind and say “no” to people when you don’t have time or energy to help them. It’s just self-respect, I guess.

  2. There are many people, including myself that have a very difficult time telling people know. It seems to be in our nature to want to please others, even to the point of harming ourselves. Depending on the situation, it may be better to say “no’ to the request of others for the sake of our well-being and the ability to help others in the future by caring for ourselves now.

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