What will happen if I click WordPress Premium?

Whenever I login into WordPress, there is always a premium button. 
What will happen if I click the wordpress premium? Will my current wordpress followers and statistics is moved over to the premium? My friend never buys the premium. And I never want to lose my current followers and waste my time tweaking aimlessly. My friend has spent her time touching free wordpress and purchased wordpress blog from other server. And she is going through problems to move her followers. She does not dare to promise due her never does so. 

Any kind soul, please tell me. 

Thank you. 

18 thoughts on “What will happen if I click WordPress Premium?

    • There’s a difference between a premium theme and the premium subscription. The theme is only the background and colors. The premium version of WordPress gives you the ability to use the software on your own website that you control. I’m still in the research phase so I can’t really tell you much more than that right now, but switching to a premium theme will just make the look of your blog different and let you control a bit more of it. You’ll lose nothing in the transition. Changing to the premium version of WordPress takes more because you’ll have to transfer your current blog over to your own website. If you’re not technologically able to do it yourself, WordPress will do it for you, but it costs a couple hundred dollars. Wish I could tell you more.

  1. I clicked on the upgrade button in my stats panel (under configuration) and it gave me more information. Since I’m sure they’d have to have you confirm if you truly wanted to purchase something, you can click on it and get more information. There are advantages to upgrading to the paid subscription.

  2. You will have to pay the money and everything will go to the premium site, if I start selling my books enough I will go for one so I can put all my blogs at one place for my own convenience πŸ˜‰

  3. Good questions Yoshiko and hope to read more of the answers. I will have to upgrade to more space soon. One thing that I don’t like is that the first letter of every word in my post title is a capital letter and cannot change it WP HELP said I would have to upgrade to be able to have lower case for some words. For example I cannot post “Ladies of Spain”. It defaults to “Ladies Of Spain”.

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