Holy Angels Protects in the Dark Sky

Here I was in the vast dark sky. I couldn’t see myself. I was falling and falling. The feeling was so strong. Many times I pray to the Lord for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover me. The inexpressible feeling of dropping escalated. I pray for the Lord to send His holy angels. Within seconds, many shiny holy angels circle around me. Then I begin to see my whole self.

Then I was staying in a tattered cement house. An old lady with a tied hair bun entered a dark room with a white polished coffin. She took a box from the coffin and drank from it. Strangely, I explained to her something. Next was to reach out to her two children. Then I bid my farewell.

How do you interpret this?

9 thoughts on “Holy Angels Protects in the Dark Sky

  1. At yoshiko, gone are the days certain when certain people could interpret dreams. Yap now everybody can.

    Just like a kid don’t overthink it.
    But to help you ,i will have to break it to you this way:

    If you have blue goggles everything will be blue aroud you and you are justified .

    If you have red goggles, everything will be red around you and you are justified .

    The above are two realities but only one is true.

    This is the filter
    -Did you sense God’s love in the dream? If no disgard the dream .

    -Do you have a calling of the dream world to help the world? If yes blog your dreams out

    -Dream interpretation is easy stuff you have the power believe the grace ,Christ has given you.

    • Thank you, James. I can feel God’s love and protection in the dream who sends His Holy Angels to me. I wish to help the aching mothers, widows, autistic, etc people. But I feel helpless. Many times I have asking the Lord for guidance.

  2. A very interesting vision, I should only focus on the positives of this dream, since God is love and would never harm those who love him. As James said; we are covered by grace (thank goodness) so we can lean on the everlasting arms of God.

  3. The coffin symbolizes death. Possibly your selfishness and fears died. Or maybe it just symbolizes casting off your old self.

    The lady drinking from a box that was in the coffin and you talking to her. I got the feeling that the box symbolized help or service. Maybe you are going to serve women and children in the future….?

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