Left Out

In a state of chaos
In a state of confusion
In a state of pain
In the family
I am left out of the family
Lacking financial resources
Weak in social and communication skills

Outside events baffle me
A lady becomes my business partner
Another lady shows her bank account about investment

The business partner
Seems fierce yet compassionate
Teaches me
Communication skills
Social skills
Guides me in diets
Brings out and shares her food

The other lady
Speaks well of others
Cares about my retirement funds
Inviting me to learn investment
Expecting zero knowledge from me
She baffles me to
Show her bank account

Life is so strange
What is God doing in my life?
In a state of shock
I am speechless
Should I trust the investment lady?

O Lord
Please tell me
Please guide me
Lead me
You are the One I trust

Inspiration On: Thursday, 17 September 2015 at 10:35am

I let my mother in law to influence my husband. Most of the tasks are thrown onto me. When I handle it correctly, there is no appreciation. When I was too overwhelmed with too many tasks and make mistakes, he finds faults with me and criticizes a lot. Later on, he cuts my supplementary credit card and takes over the groceries purchases. Therefore, I feel that I am running around working on the business idea with lady. I wish you all have good days and thank you.

20 thoughts on “Left Out

  1. Step up. You realized a problem, find a solution. You don’t want to live like that. What could be the key to happiness? Proper communication with husband? Standing up in front of you MIL or anything else? I wish you all he luck n happiness

  2. Yoshiko, I know your life is very difficult now. Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. Be cautious with these helpful people, because people fail us all the time. Just keep crying out to the Lord Jesus Christ. My prayers are for your encouragement and well-being,

  3. Don’t be afraid to defend yourself – no one is perfect – not you, and definitely not your husband – so be patient, loving, forgiving but firm in who you are!! πŸ™‚

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