Transportation Drivers

Roaming adventurously on the streets of a country. Enjoying every sights of the places. Then I feel exhausted and find a nearby wooden rectangular table and two cylinder stools to rest. A man is sitting on it. He is talking on the phone. Only to let me realize I don’t being my phone.

The cloudy sky is turning gray. All the pathways begin to instill fear. I want to go back home. Suddenly, four carriages come with respective drivers. The man chooses the driver I am going to choose and waves goodbye to me. Instead I begin to choose a middle aged grayish hair uncle. I climb onto the carriage and accidentally my thighs sway the baby bed. The baby is not awakened. The uncle stops the swaying mentionjing by name and warns me be careful.

The remaining two carriage drivers give bad feelings. They follow me then stop following my carriage. Suddenly my business mentor appears at the carriage I ride and look concerned due to I roam recklessly.

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