Harsh Tone Hurts

My business partner is also my business mentor. Her tone and expression confuse me. Though I know she cares, her expression confuses me. So I learn to tell her that. But she judgmentally says I’m like her daughter in law to read her body language. I’m hurt to hear that. I don’t mean that. When she says that she has been telling me something in an angry tone, I realize that I can’t stand being antagonised.

I thought there is someone who wants to understand me and encourage me to speak up. But when I speak, I don’t feel accepted. Most likely, I can’t stand people who immediately jump to their conclusion. “Are you able to pay Olivia Loh Ing?” Her harsh tone hurts my heart awfully! It is so unwelcoming! It is not encouraging me to speak. It is so judgmental. It hurts me a lot, Lord. When I am prepared to come out with the little money I have, she seems to antagonize me. She feels that startups are supposedly to hire volunteers to do the animation project. This is distressing. Where should I go first? What should I do? Why do my brain reducing? Is it due to my family members always discourage me to work? Is it also due to my perpetual chronic migraine cause me to slowdown? I can sense from her tone that she feels she has been giving me ideas for the logo design. She feels that the three logo pictures she sends are the best from among all my researched logos. I’ve researched the how to design logo again. I never expect she also browses upon it and sends it to me. When she questions me about it, I feel speechless. I don’t know how to explain it in words. Yet she jumps to conclusion that I don’t do my research. This is so distressing. It hurts. Though I am thankful for her help, it’s so judgmental. I feel so lonely yet can only forgive her just as my Lord Jesus has forgiven me. Throughout my life, I feel so hurt. Is it due to I care too much? Is it due to forcing myself too hard? Why am I the one who often being put down? In the family and when I go out to find work and start to do business. My motto is to stand on my value and encourage others. I disagree in putting others down.

32 thoughts on “Harsh Tone Hurts

  1. It’s hard sometimes for gentle souls. โ™ก I feel like this often too. That’s why ai write my little healing poems.โ™ก Very much love.
    โ™ก Laurie
    I think the world needs gentle souls..though it is not easy sometimes.

  2. You seem like a beautiful gentle soul. And sometimes others feel that is a weakness, but in a quiet gentle whisper there is so much strength. I have a motto “you can’t control what others say or do to you, but you can ALWAYS control the way you react to it”. God bless x

  3. I don’t like harsh words either, but some people just don’t realize what a negative affect they have on others. Perhaps she grew up hearing harsh words and doesn’t no any better. Regardless, she shouldn’t do it and I’m sorry she hurts your feelings. Hugs, N ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

      • Yoshiko, I always do my best to speak the truth as I perceive it, the treat other people with respect and kindness even if I don’t agree with them, and then possibly express regret about their discontent in this way–I’m sorry you feel that way. And then let it go without trying to explain further or retract what I’ve just said. I’m certainly no expert in such matters, and I am not always sucessful in trying to communicate with others, but most of the time a kind word, a smile, and an attentive ear helps. And if you have to take a tough stance on something and you know you’re right about it, then hold your ground without being abrasive and/or confrontational. In the classroom, as the teacher, I often had to be the “bad guy,” and it’s never easy having to do that, but if it was the right thing to do and in their best interest, I’d have to hold my ground. Not everyone we meet is going to like what we say or agree with us, but at the end of the day, we have to live with what we said and how we said it. And I always try to make sure I do that. Hope some of this helps. Love, N ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

  4. Hello Yoshiko! I’ve come to look for you and I have seen you’ve been having some hurts. I join other friends to stand by you. When God wants to make you strong and tough, he allows some trying moments to come your way. Then He gives you the grace to face them an emerge victorious. There is no doubt in my mind that God is chiseling you for some of his mighty works. I pray that you may get out of this stronger than you have ever been. One thing I have understood about life is that anger does not help. It destroys. When we are hurt we must pray to God to show us the best path to follow. I know you are a prayerful person and God will show the right way to go. Here is my email: ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com. Please contact me.

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