Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls

Now Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls article begins to address the autism in girls. This is so upsetting! 


4 thoughts on “Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls

  1. It is not upsetting. Often people are only judged on their extreme behaviours, not their subtle behaviours because the human mind is programmed that way through nature and nurture.

    That leads to the quiet and/or normal behaving people often being referred to as “okay” before even having an in depth conversation. In education this is problematic because sometimes kids have extraordinary talents and capabilities that are not addressed.

    As a kid I always loved books and learning new words so I stood out and I did not care. I spent more hours in the library because I had fun there. Some people do not stand out because they choose to adapt. Girls, boys it does not really matter if you ask me.

    What matters is that education is sometimes reduced to a production plant for human potential instead of a place for personal development. This “production plant” phenomenon even affects universities.

    Pupils and students being reduced to units of potential instead of actual persons is the root of this problem and it affects people with autism greatly.

  2. Important public awareness post. In my generation and those prior for this and learning and behavior problems they just beat you until you got it right and most often all you learned was resentment and that getting beat hurt.

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