Job Workshop

Today’s workshop for employment at Calibrelink. In the business etiquette and presentation, I begin to understand the different images of my business mentor. Every dressing counts to make oneself look presentable, welcoming, professional and different feelings. No wonder I get confused with her different dressings.
Meeting VW at the employment talk and workshop and she invites me to attend skin care products. Physically I feel so tired. So I have to say some other day and to return home to rest.

What is happening to my head? On my way home, my chronic migraine worsens again. Most likely, yesterday go out and today too. What’s gotten into my communication with Perine? She just can’t understand me. I have been trying to articulate myself. Is there any spiritual warfare?

I feel so vexed. All IC wants is cheap and free drawings and check other softwares. Every time I do it for free. This is so frustrating. Most probably, my business mentor feels this way. Ever since I get married, my psychological and spiritual life diminishing. Oh Lord, please deliver me.

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