Self-Test Workshop

The employability workshop helps to give self-test and to understand myself better. The self test is not totally correct. I belong to the creative side. No wonder I can’t stand living in the logical side. I feel suppressed. Now, I begin to understand my business mentor better that she is more dominant and influencing. Besides that, she is someone who easily jumps into conclusions.

On my way home, I observe the beauty of dove flying across the sky outside the train.

My chronic migraine worsens again especially today during the workshops. When I follow through with my business mentor on iPhone 6S, she immediately replies. However, she doesn’t reply when I ask about her rhema. Is she unhappy, Lord? I know it’s my fault for sharing my diary and dream journal to her. In fact, I shouldn’t. Forgive me, Lord. Now, I begin to see Christ and the evil one work through her. Nobody is perfect. The words that came out of her mouth before, “so you want to change the world” came from the evil one. When I’m being emotional, I also give the devil a foothold especially to share about my journal and dream to her. The dream of her accompanying me through the dark path comfort me. Her kind looks to guide me through.

Please give your comments. I love to hear your comments.

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