Sketch My Business Mentor

The interest to research my business mentor’s photos through her Facebook. More photos are added. Year 2013 and 2014. She looks her best. One of the photo shows a kid writes her compassionate. My parents are too much to judge from outside looks. Thank God to see her as the Lord sees her. She looks kind and full of laughter. None of her photos look so gentle shown in my dream. Strange. I just can’t find any suitable photos for practice. Finally, I filter it into three photos. I feel so comfortable and feels so happy to sketch with pencil. It is likened to return to my first joy in sketching and drawing. In the end, I attempt to find her facial alignment. Thank God to find the correct facial alignment and attempt to draw the feelings she show in my dream. I thank the Lord for her and appreciate her time. During the sketching, I can sense God’s presence in my heart getting stronger.

Please give your comments. I love to hear your comments.

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