Late to Work

I feel so convicted for being late for twenty minutes for the part-time work. A workplace nearby house can be and a good or bad thing. When I am there to sign in my time sheet, I choose to sign in according to the clock in the office than my own watch. I appreciate for my employer to gently tell me to cover my late time. Inside I feel worst and intend to cover the lost time. During the work, my left wrist is slightly hurt. My ex-client has a good laugh at my sketch for the fierce Wonder Woman. Then he says that the character artist has just replied him. Does it mean I work for free again? This is irritating! I have enough of this. Come to think of my business mentor getting upset to acupoint and qwasha me many times without being paid. Because she thought I pay $500 for the massage package. Actually, my husband is the one who pays for it.

2 thoughts on “Late to Work

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