Thank God to just realize my business mentor also does natural therapy business. She does it for me for free out of kindness and strong belief in Christ.

Sensing God’s presence slightly and the words spoken by Cory Tynan that I know all the answer. The career consultant mentioned that all are at my disadvantage so doing projects is the way to earn income. And I need to calm down.

During the conversation with my business, I share that some men don’t have enough strength to press the acupressure points. She has a great strength. I am surprised she mentions to me,

“Thought you have pretty good strength? It does not mean that men naturally have good strength. My son also does not have.”

However, I feel so small and reply her, “My strength is considered the weakest among my siblings. My dad is the strongest. Too bad he has hurt his palms and fingers when moving house. So he had two operations for his palms and fingers.”

What does she sees in me?

5 thoughts on “Strength

  1. Who knows? First of all believe in your own skills and capabilities.

    When someone believes in you as a person it is time to develop yourself. In life very few people ever approach you to tell you “I believe you can do this.” Do your thing and become better at it.

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