A Child’s Exasperation

Why must I always being pushed to the corner?
Why must I always let others to cross over my boundary?
Why must I let others dictate my life?
I just want to protect those whom I love.
Why do I keep suppressing my own life decision to make them happy?
Why do they criticize me when I voice out my opinion?
This miserably brings me to the pit of depression!
I am not a puppet!
I feel tired!
I just want Jesus!

Inspiration On: Saturday, 6 October 2015

Oh, I can’t stand the way mum criticizes me and touching the things in my bag. Until I blow up and lose my temper. Then she stops. I didn’t want to do that. Forgive me, Lord. I’m willing to forgive her. Why must she always do that? I understand she cares. It doesn’t mean she needs to go overboard. Oftentimes she override my rebuke to my son. It is so frustrating. My commitment to let my parents stay is to take care of them at their old age. It doesn’t mean to let them exasperate and stifle my potential growth. Dad is contradicting himself too. He mentioned that he listened to his mum and brother to stay locally than accepting the job offer in other country. From his tone, I can sense he regrets it. Wish you all have good days and thank you. 

5 thoughts on “A Child’s Exasperation

  1. Yoshiko, you often write “Wish you all have good days and thank you.” I hope this for you too! May the Lord give you strength and joy and endurance in doing what is right just as you desire to!

      • Thanks 🙂 it isn’t what is right in our eyes. It is being right in God’s eyes. I feel so stifled. I wish to have a retreat in a solace place. Being alone and where I can hang around with the artists especially poets where everybody can share their reflections.

      • Yoshiko, I’m glad you have the opportunity to be with poets here. It’s lonely for you in your trying circumstances, I know, but you’re safer as you are.

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