Beautiful Misunderstanding

Assuming my business mentor calls
Another friend in the same group
Thanking her

Only to know she hasn’t been in contact with that friend
My presumption gets the better of me
Thus beautiful misunderstanding

Inspiration On: Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 3pm

I thank my business mentor to call BL to encourage me, I found out she hasn’t called Betty ever since we meet. Ups. Then she replied, “You always assume…..!” Thereby I reply, “Aren’t you often assume too and jump to conclusions?”

“Sounds like a kid arguing. I can debate with you!”

“What case, lawyer?”

“Your accusation : Aren’t you often assume too and jump to conclusions? This is a clear example of your presumption. Out of context on the word : case.”

“What is the proper word then?”

“Case is a proper. Just that you only read it in a narrow context.”

“Oh I see. What do you mean by I “only reading in a narrow context”?”

“And if you need favour from people, ‘come on’ is not an appropriate word.”

“What is the appropriate word?”

“What do you mean by I “only readig in a narrow context”? No ending explaining…. even if I explain….? you may not understand.” Her two dots eyes emoticon with a circle mouth makes me laugh.

“Why? You make me laugh.”

“your ability to comprehend….. am tired”

So I begin a new conversation, “I find you strange to call yourself a black sheep. Why do you have to label yourself as ‘black sheep’?”

“I find you strange to call yourself a black sheep. Why do you have to label yourself as ‘black sheep’?”

“What?!!!! I never said that!!!! Are you alright?!!”

“Do I hear wrongly? I just don’t understand. It’s like . . .

Old memories are returning
Younger days
Childhood days
Playful days
Fun days
Hobby days
Laughter days
Am I returning to a child?
Why do everyone treats me like a child?”

During playing with my son and husband, my brain switches off to sleep mode. Thus I doze on the sofa until he and mum wakes me up repetitively to sleep on bed. Once I regain my awaken condition, I brush teeth, change into my pajamas and goes to bed. However, I can’t sleep so I write my diary.

I sense that I can’t handle all the workload for the startup and the ministry. How can I ever pay my business mentor’s salary for assisting me? Whenever I see her LinkedIn profile, her previous jobs mainly assist the presidents. I want to protect those whom I love. Only to be hurt. Inside of me is exploding out.

Suddenly, my business mentor asks, “When is your last day with my admin job?”

“Don’t know.”

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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