Muddy Spectacle

Questioning Mister’s childcare visitation
Enquiring the necessary certificates
Share her investigation to me
Who is working

Husband returns home
Visit the childcare again
Ensuring vacancy
Staff points out his wife comes

Once I return home
Husband shares the necessary certificates
Asks my visitation to childcare
Huh is my reaction

Confront own mother
Who feels embarrassed for being too honest
Embarrassed to be misunderstood as my husband’s wife
Metaphorically comment the staff wearing
Muddy and cloudy spectacle

Many questions arise
The mister’s needs of the marriage certificates
What is his motive to say so?
Something smells fishy

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In the morning, I’m surprised to hear mother informs me on Huey’s sudden report. Last night, my son told her that his dad’s mother is scared to come here. She is scared that my dad will call the police to catch her. Such a strange remark. Why must she says such things to a kid?!

Though the office is tidy, I don’t find neat enough. Labeling the adapters. Tidying the cables. Neatly I place my added stuffs onto the compartments. It feels so good and able to concentrate in my work.

In the afternoon, mum calls me about the nearby childcare. It is confirmed my husband goes there. She is sure due to asking my husband’s surname. Birth certificate with parents identity cards are needed. The day he attempted to rob the marriage certificate means he is planning something.

In the evening, my husband sends me a text message that Huey’s assessment is on this Saturday 9 o’clock morning. When I return home, he asks me whether I go to the childcare to ask. Because just now the childcare staff informs him that his wife asks about the required documents. I’m astonished. During dinner time, I tell mum about it. She laughs for the staff to mistakes her as my husband’s wife. Why must she makes it so obvious to check on my husband? It’s good for her to investigate. Too bad she makes it so blunt and direct. In fact, she can be a good detective.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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