Christmas Blessing

I learn to inform SS that I am going to her hair salon. Then I go to her shop. Suddenly, she blesses me with a chain as the accessory for my new clothes. When I share I like a particular shoes, she goes down to the shop with me. She looks at it and suggests to add more than $10 to get a good quality leather shoes. It cost $50 due to Christmas sale. She helps me to prioritize to go to church Christmas service then tomorrow can spend time with my family members.

At the FCBC church service at suntec city, I meet MK. I feel embarrassed to be praised by her on yesterday’s salvation. I reply to do my best. I enjoy my worship with Jesus. Many times I am reminded of my son’s stretching hands wanting hugs and being carried. Therefore, I learn to stretch out my hands to my Lord. A sister gives me a bear soft toy for my son. So I don’t need to ask for it on his behalf. Then I join SS and MK to TP for catch up. MK buys me a drink at MOS burger. They listen to my problems and pray for me.

Unexpectedly, my decision to go to church can bring a blessing to SS too. One of her widow classmates intend to come to her shop to go to church together. Suddenly, that widow friend calls her to join with two other widows out to another place to drown sorrow. SS replies that she is going with me to church. She shares this issue to MK.

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