Hard Truth

Compliments my writing
Questioning my inconsistency
In writing and in person

Speechless and wonder
What is God doing?
My Lord, what are Your doing?

Throwing hard truths about
People’s true colours
Enable me to see them as it is

When to walk away
Observing the approachable moment
And red light

All these needs
Strong relationship with God
Trusting in His hands of protection

Inspiration On: Thursday, 31 December 2015

My business mentor is concerned about my marriage. She suggests to go for marriage counselling and the telling me not to be rigid. She hasn’t understand the whole situation. I showed my affection to him by implementing my home church teaching to give him a kiss after quarrel. He felt uneasy reminding him Judas Iscariot who was ready to betray Jesus. However, I choose to keep quiet about it. Then she accompanies ne to meet someone about project. I reveal I am more interested in permanent. After the meeting, she feels that it is a waste of her time. Then she reveals the truth about the advisor we ever met. He wants to make love with her. Since then, she stops meeting him. Oh no! Why doesn’t she tell me earlier? This reminds me of my parents who keep me in the dark about my husband’s family members. When I was going to get married at Sabah, his sister left my parents and siblings. Then they walk by themselves and spot her in the McDonald with her son. Recently, my parents began to divulge it. However, they respect the sanctity of marriage. No wonder, I suffer the consequences due to my naivety. I also doesn’t want my husband to burn in hell for the sake of accompanying his mother. I choose to speak by faith from the proclamation paper that Sherrley Seah gives. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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