Learn Prioritization

Eleven tasks lists are before me
Reminded of the webinar
How to prioritize
Choosing three most crucial tasks to complete

Intend to send resume
Only to wait for HR friend to reply
On my resume writing
Thus list those whom to contact

Prioritization is relearned
Broken common sense pieces gradually recover
Appreciate cell leader’s effort
Sending daily Biblical podcast by Joyce Meyer

A lady loves the Lord
Applying and proclaiming
God’s Words in her daily lives
Bringing glory to Jesus

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I go to the library and begin to prioritize on my blogging. It feels so comfortable to choose the table facing the window. I learn to go through the resume preparation booklet; list down on the friends and people to approach for jobs; write down in what I need to say during the interview. Inside, I feel more enthusiasm to write and publish more posts. Though I only manage to tick off three tasks, I feel more fulfilled rather than upset. I learn to follow up more with my online writers’ friends.

When I bring the helper to the library and she looks for her own fashion book, a woman suddenly approaches me. She asks for the proper English words for a maid. Suddenly, thank God t be able o give her the correct words “domesticate helper”. Next, I ask her the reason. She replies to print a name card to get a job.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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