Positive Image Feedback

First time in his life
Looking at me wearing
Tight skirt

Persist further for answers
Positive and good image feedback
Thanking my friends to change my image

Baffle me
Surprise me
Render me speechless

Inspiration On: Thursday, 8 January 2016

I’m thankful for my husband buys me a Bonia black white stripes purse. My son is the one who chooses the design. On the way back home to buy groceries, he smilingly asks me, “Why don’t you understand about lady’s stuffs?”

Though I don’t understand, I am still a girl,” is my immediate response.

At night, he comments that he sees my new image. It is his first time to see me wearing tight skirt. So I ask, “Is it a good thing?” “Okay,” is his reply. I probe further. He smiles and responds, “You look good in it. Thanks to your friends.”

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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