Forgiveness and Will

Forgive me, O God
Forgive me, O Lord
Forgive me of my willfulness

I’ll surrender my husband to You
‘The wedding ring”
I’ll take my wedding ring out

Not my will
Let Your will be done

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 13 January 2016

Today is the course that concentrate on the topic ‘Work in a Diverse Service Environment’. I see God’s favour upon me through the trainer named LM who always remembers my small gesture to fix the sound problem. He explains the importance of SSSME, “Self-Awareness, Self Control/Regulation, Social Skills, Motivation, and Empathy”. Is that what God is leading me?

When he shows the quote “Sometimes we need to forget some people from our past because of one simple reason. They just don’t belong in our future.” I totally surrender myself to the Lord.

Forgive me, Lord, of my willfulness. I’m willing to let go. Slipping out the wedding ring out of my finger kept occurring in my mind. Yes, I need to take it out.

The class has ended. LM wants to keep in contact with his students. We have a warm handshake. I can sense his earnestness and eagerness. I feel so appreciated. Suddenly, the man who asked me “are you a single mother?” on Saturday class approaches me. He asks me whether I am a graphic designer. I say that I’m still learning. He can teach me in it and give me a business space. Then he says, “you have a child right?” I answer, “yes.” He needs a graphic designer and wants us to discuss. Zizi is doing the paperwork and mentions that MD MD is looking for a graphic designer. Then I am reminded of the name card he gives. So I inform her that he and I have met. I can only say, “thank you.” Suddenly, around evening near to dinner time, Josephine (CG member) sends a YouTube link on Hillsong worship song titled ‘I Surrender’. Then I check my email. The Lord reveals to me in understanding about myself from the quote, “You are not a pawn in the chess game of life, you are the mover of the pieces.” By White Eagle and the article from a wordpress about highly sensitive people. So this lead me to google check on it and bump into the 16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People article.

I ask God about it and seek Uncle WY’s advise. Strangely, all these come due to the result of my prayer. I ask him whether should I go or not? He answers, “Yoshiko, i need to ask u some questions n pray to CHRIST for His Wisdom, because the gentleman’s offer is very good but it is very strange! Remember not all things dat appear to be good is from The GOD of The Holy Bible! Remember satan tempted JESUS with all the wealth of the world……” I remember this clearly. I agree and that is the reason I seek his guidance. I never expect his compliments, “Oh Yoshiko, may i call u at 10.30am tomorrow? U are wise not to call, for there are many many crooooks out there!!! unc WY” Embarrassingly I thank him, “No problem. Thank you for your compliment. I’m learning to be careful.” Lord, is this from You? What do You want me to do? I just want the blessings that really come from Your hands only.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


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