Power of Proclamation

Praying for others
Cell leader suddenly blurt out
My dream about my husband’s death
A cell member proclaims
God’s spiritual revival in him
Soothing my aching heart
Enable me to stand up
In the Lord

Inspiration On: Friday, 15 January 2016

I rush to my cell leader’s hair salon shop. My business mentor and cell leader are praying hard. My business mentor prepare worship songs and a spiritual warfare video for me to learn to proclaim. I feel so thankful for God’s hands and appreciate their time and effort.

In the cell group, I enjoy filling in the blanks of the Bible study on the topic ‘Faith vs Fear’. I can relate to my experience with God in attempting to make the business idea to work for God’s glory. The wind represents the evil one who challenges God by giving me a hard time. When it comes to seeking prayer, I let everybody to say out first. Then I share about the operation in my dad’s nerve at his thumb at Malaysia. My cell group member blurts out my dream about my husband’s death. Everyone prays for me. Pamli proclaims revival my husband through the power of God. That proclamation soothes my aching heart. Suddenly, my cell leader shares a Down syndrome’s testimony who gets healed due to studying the Word of God. Once he puts the Bible down, the Down syndrome returns. Then he take it up again and gets healed. Now he becomes a pastor. I feel so overpowered by God and His testimonies. Oh no, I am convicted to go into ministry leadership and pastoral in the business I want to do for God. I care about the children’s growth. They share that autistics are intelligent. Newton, Albert Einstein and other scientists are autistics. Dyslexia are also intelligent and gifted. What is God doing in my son’s and my life?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


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