Mission Preparation

Preparing own heart
For future mission
Awaiting the Lord’s guidance
Prompting His hands to equip me
Needing His hands to open the door
Pointing to the direction He wants me to go
Only in Him I can do it

Inspiration On: Saturday, 16 January 2016

I rush my son to leave home early around 6pm. Only to leave at 6:30pm. In the MRT, my cell leader informs me that she is going to be late. Upon reaching the destined MRT station, I rush my son. His looks shows a lack of confidence towards me in finding my way to the church service. Along the way, I walk towards the wrong side. My son laughs at me. I ask around then I manage to reach the service. My cell leader suddenly appears awaiting for me outside the door. While we are worshipping, I go into prayer mood. My heart feels burdened for my son and other children. Why do I see something? I see myself with my son and other children. Today’s sermon is beyond borders sent. During the sermon, I learn a big lesson from my previous mistake to go to the one day mission trip enthusiastically. This time I need to prepare myself better to go for few days mission trip. Oh, I don’t know when I can go for mission trip. Yes, I need to earn the money first.

On my job, I have set my heart to focus more on character design in the animation industry. Suddenly, IC gives me the URL of a character design. I’m surprised. Thank You, Lord.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


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