Sharp High Pitch Shriek

Take the baby body soap
Return to the bathroom
A sudden shriek
Shoots over my ears’ drums
Aches my ear drums

Left palm
The buttocks

Shrieks turn into wailing
Complaining my slap
Causing reddish pain
Explain softly
My ears are aching
Continue the shower
Repeating the pain of his butt
Quiet down

Walk around to exercise
Rewind the event with deep pain
Wary of the strength of own’s left hand

Return home to found out
Complaints about me to everybody
And I need to explain his doing

Confessing to a brother in Christ
Prepared to be corrected
Only to be surprised of correct discipline

Inspiration On: Monday, 8 February 2016

When I am about to give my son shower, he shrieks sharply and my ears are in pain. Slap! I slap his butt. He wails in pain. I feel bad. Then I explain the reason I slap due to his over-shouting. As I walk out of home for exercise, I rewind the event in my head. My son shrieks sharply until abruptly my left palm slaps my son’s buttock. It leaves reddish mark. I pray about it and confess it to Uncle WY. I’m surprised by his respond, “Hey Yoshiko, you did the right thing by slapping your son’s butt. Some kids need parental discipline! Do explain to him later why you did it, not because you don’t know like him but you Love him and don’t like his bad behaviour!” So I explain the event. I feel relieved. I thought I do the wrong thing.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

6 thoughts on “Sharp High Pitch Shriek

  1. Sharp sounds hurt my ears, too…explaining to your son that he shouldn’t scream for no reason would be a good thing to do, as well. Uncle WY was correct, and I hope that your son understood why he got a slap on the butt for screaming.

      • Understood…still, it was only one firm slap. It sounds like you didn’t lose control, and that’s a good thing. I raised a son as well – I’m glad that I didn’t have a daughter, because I think that she would have frustrated me much more than my son did…I’m still analyzing myself in that respect.

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