Being Neutral

Taking the opportunities
Pointing out
Good and wrong behaviours
In my parents
When both are pointing at each other

Let both of them
Wake to their senses
Heavenly Father, wake them to their senses
Enable them to be more cooperative
Being partial and neutral

Inspiration On: Monday, 15 February 2016

I’m thankful for my mum to care Huey. I disagree for her being uncooperative when I am teaching my son. She’s getting too much until my son is so spoilt. Until I lose my temper to her to stop causing me angry. Lord, I’m so tired of her being so stubborn. I feel like leaving the house. Care to make her happy. In the end, I am miserable. When my dad speaks of her negativeness for being uncooperative, I take the opportunity to speak her wrong and dad’s right behaviour. At the same time, I also point out my dad’s wrong and my mum’s right behaviour to let my son observe how to cook. So that he can cook for his wife and children.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

7 thoughts on “Being Neutral

    • I miss you too. Currently not so well. Thanks Amorelle. Problems always find me and I have to solve it. In the end, I’m lacking the time to read others’ and your emails. Therefore I am so frustrated with lack of time.

      • Yes Amorelle!
        Please pray
        1. How manage my life, family and job?
        2. Clarity and no confusion of mind. Recently, my mind is so stressed until I can’t concentrate in work and forgetful. Recently, I often misunderstand things. So I was kicked out of job in a startup company. I feel that I have disappointed my Lord.
        3. Cooperative family members especially their salvations.
        4. Mental agility with discerning mind through the power of the Holy Spirit
        5. How to handle someone and those who sows discord and can even turn right into wrong and wrong into right. Usually, I tend to run away from such people. However, this time I can’t run away from such people due to the person is one part of my family members.

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