Deplete warning signs
Growling for power consumption
Mobile devices are wailing for electricity

Rushing towards the library
Eyes scanning for power outlet
Immediately charge all mobile devices

Charging process
Quiet down to read and process three ebooks
Then realizing of self-charge

Worship song is singing in my mind
Feeling at peace
Something good out of period of waiting

Inspiration On: Thursday, 3 March 2016

Upon reaching a meeting place, I quickly inform BL that I have reached. All the three mobile devices cry for energy. All of the energy is reaching to 1% except tablet’s energy is 19%. Library is the first place appears in my head to charge them. As I recharge them, I read and finish 3 ebooks in the tablet. I am also recharged. As I look at the time, it is around 7pm so I called BL many times but to no avail. I feel frustrated and impatient. Repetively, I ask the Lord to enable me to forgive her just as He has forgiven me. In the end, she calls back around 8:30pm plus and apologizes. She can’t hear the ringtone from her mobile phone. She doesn’t realize that she accidentally cause her phone into silent mode. And doesn’t know to switch on the ringtone. I accept her apologies. Though we didn’t able to meet and get my voice recorder back, something good comes out of it. I feel so recharged.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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