Gratitude and Satisfaction

See three missed calls
Return the call
Government education staff guides me
Through the registration process
Grateful of the guidance
Seek my permission for password
To complete my registration form

My close friend calls
Inform her boss wants to interview me
Monday evening
Heart is filled with gratitude to
My Lord and Saviour
Grateful beyond measure
After falling flat onto my face

Someone whom I have helped
Seek my permission to give me a call
Afraid of being asked for more
In the end I return his missed call
Unexpected he passes his module and
Saying “thank you” and sounding respectful
Satisfied to be appreciated

Inspiration On: Thursday, 10 March 2016

The education government staff calls to guide me how to fill in the registration form. When I am stuck in the one section, she asks my permission for my login password. Then she helps me to check my details and answer that part. I feel so thankful.

A classmate calls me to thank me for helping him in his financial module. Lord, I feel so appreciated. That’s enough and it creates a satisfied feeling to be of help. Then he asks me how to get the government award and the subsidy.

CMF, my close friend, calls that her boss wants me to go for interview on Monday evening for the temporary 6 months job. She emails me all the interview details.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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