Calm in Bad Report

Being joyful in my birthday
Small celebration with my mum
Gratitudely share redeemed voucher
Hoping to relieve $5 for her

Returning home joyfully
Own son reports of being pushed by new maid
Younger brother complains his mouse scroll
Clearly shown it is scraped off

There are signs of slight violences
Own husband acts noble to give chances
Uneasy feeling nudges
Inform a brother in Christ

True colours may appear soon
Sudden reminder of his mother dealings
Maid in the wrong but scold her eldest son
This I disagree

Right is right
Wrong is wrong
Let it end soon
Seeking help from the Holy One of Israel

Inspiration On: Friday, 11 March 2016

I overhear my dad informs my mum on my son. My son shares his question to my mother in law where is my father in law. She answers my son that his grandfather lost his way. She always changes her words. Before she said he is dead. Now, a different thing. Inside I feel something isn’t right.

Oh no, my son says that the new maid pushes him a bit.

When I’m trying to concentrate in editing on the video, my brother interrupts. He reports that the new maid spoils his mouse. It is clearly seen that the mouse scroll button is scraped! Then he complains about mum being helpful. So he is acting being righteous again. Immediately, I tell him off to stop disturbing. Thank God for the calmness and concentration. The editing time is less than 1 hour.

Then I attend to the matter on discussing about the maid. It is the issue on her attitude. It is clearly seen she has mindset issue. Why does she reminds of my mother in law who leaves a slice-cut at my parents’ clothes?!

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

10 thoughts on “Calm in Bad Report

  1. …wow, always so much going on in your life Yoshiko, and it often sounds quite stressful my friend. Love and hugs to you on your Birthday…may God grant you much joy in your life. I wish you good days also…indeed thank God for calm and concentration…lots more of that I think. Take good care xx

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